et CLAIRE – Coffee Beans


Indulge in the perfection of a light-roasted espresso, crafted for sipping throughout the day or pairing seamlessly with any milk. Our signature offering responds to the growing demand for approachable, all-day coffees.

This carefully curated seasonal blend, with ever-changing components of freshly sourced coffee, consistently delivers a delightful taste profile. Committed to providing a fail-proof cup, we are confident that this blend will resonate with the preferences of discerning coffee enthusiasts.



Transforming Lives, One Cup at a Time

Beyond the sensory pleasure, this exceptional coffee serves a greater purpose. Your appreciation for rare specialty coffee directly impacts the lives of farmers, empowering them to significantly increase their income. This newfound prosperity enables them to further develop their land and enhance their livelihoods. Wherever your sanctuary may be, savor this exceptional coffee and immerse yourself in a journey that transcends the simplicity of a cup.

Drink coffee and buy coffee beans at et CLAIRE in Amsterdam