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from et CLAIRE

We have a very changing range with always varying products based on the season and time of year, but here is an overview of our classics

Our products


    et CLAIRE Croissant

    Savor the epitome of viennoiserie excellence with the et CLAIRE Croissant, a renowned masterpiece crafted with the finest French butter.


    Cinnamon Knot

    With Muscovado Sugar, a heavenly creation that elevates the classic cinnamon twist to new heights.

    Pain Suisse

    A divine pastry that marries the richness of dark chocolate with the delicate essence of tonka-infused pastry cream.

    Double Baked Pecan Caramel

    The golden layers of our signature pastry cradle a decadent filling of pecans bathed in rich caramel.

    Pistachio Cube

    A tantalizing creation that transcends the boundaries of indulgence.

    Red Fruit Rectangle

    A delectable creation that harmonizes the sweetness of red fruits with the richness of velvety Creme Suisse.

    Pain au Chocolat

    This viennoiserie delight is a symphony of chocolate, crafted with precision to satisfy the most discerning chocolate lover's cravings.


    Pain au Za'atar

    A savory delight that marries the richness of soft goat cheese with the aromatic flavors of Za'atar herbs.

    Miso Potato Danish

    A savory masterpiece that blends the umami richness of Japanese miso-infused potatoes with the timeless flavor of aged Dutch cheese.

    Pain Canadien

    This viennoiserie treasure echoes the meticulous layering of our signature pastry but takes a savory detour, paying homage to Canadian flavors with a heartier twist.

    Truffle Cruffin

    A culinary masterpiece marrying the decadence of truffle and the richness of Parmesan cheese, all adorned with a touch of edible gold.

    Kimchi Rectangle

    A viennoiserie sensation that marries the boldness of kimchi with the richness of Swiss cheese sauce, crowned with a generous layer of grated Gruyère.